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Redefine the learning experience with Trustallys's learning and assessment management system. It is designed to drive performance as well as develop leaders. Get in touch with us today for further details.

E-commerce Service

At TrustAllys, we provide a complete portfolio of expert ecommerce services encompassing ecommerce design, development, hosting, system integration, training, consulting and support services to help the delivery of world- class ecommerce solutions.

Cyber Security and GDPR

TrustAllys offers next-generation cybersecurity consulting services to assist your association build cyber resilience from the inside out. Secure your digital journey with our cybersecurity and GDPR consulting services; we are just a call away.

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing services are professional services that assist you to promote or market your business online with the help of thorough search, social media and paid campaigns. TrustAllys simply eliminates your toughest internet marketing challenges.

About Us

Welcome to Trustallys

TrustAllys offers a plethora of services to its clients. It brings diverse expertise and experience from different sectors to build a unique consultancy. We provide our clients with bespoke services, ensuring solutions that are effective, appropriate and cost-efficient.

Our independent consultative approach assists enterprises maximize the business value from their technology investments, offering an outlet for businesses to reinvent, thrive and transform.

We offer solutions such as:-

  • LMS & EMS
  • E-Commerce
  • Cybersecurity & GDPR
  • Digital Marketing

The solutions delivered by TrustAllys are often a blend of policy, strategy, processes and technologies to ensure a holistic and robust framework for its clients.

TrustAllys enables enterprises and people to perform better. We share proper knowledge, best practices and innovation to make excellence a habit for people and organizations all across the world.

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Your students deserve an exceptional education experience. We go beyond the traditional LMS to deliver the most powerful teaching experience. Learn how TrustAllys can help!


E-commerce Service

Our E- Commerce solutions can be customized to meet the unique demands of our clients. Our experts put their best foot forward to provide you with best results of all time

Digital Marketing

We offer Digital marketing service that drive real results. Avail our Digital marketing services and reach your customers at ease.


Cyber Security and GDPR

We offer a complete range of Cybersecurity solutions to guide and secure the digital transformation.

Different services under one roof

We are a global innovation and transformation consultancy by a group of industry experts




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Why is Cyber Security important?

Cyber Security incidents are leading to business disruption and Data Thefts in a big way. These are increasing by leaps and bounds every day and without sufficient measures to protect business, it has become a survival issue for all in the digital world - from individuals to big enterprises and all entities in between

The art of doing business is rapidly changing. Thevirtual world is getting inter connected more and more and businesses are going digital.This has become imperative, as they can leverage the virtual marketplace, expand and reach to any corner of the planet to offer their products and services. Cloud adoption has increased manifold and Internet presence is growing exponentially.

As businesses embrace Internet more and more, the threats lurking at large pose a tremendous challenge to all enterprises - big & small. In the year 2020, with the global pandemic outburst, it has become even more justified to increase the on-line presence. Virtual meetings, Work from Home and thrust for more on-line business activities are increasing the need for protecting businesses from cyber attacks. Not only corporates, the menace is equally applicable, if not more to Governments and across all its departments and functions.

Securing businesses on the Internet is not an option anymore. It has become a necessity for its survival.

Cyber threats have evolved over time. Gone are the days where a firewall and an antivirus software were enough to handle these threats. Cyber crimes have become sophisticated and use various modern techniques to launch such attacks. Cyber security threats have become a huge business risk for all organizations.Government and enterprises have understood that and have also realised that it has become beyond the capabilities of IT professionals to counter these threats. They need specialized Security professionals who are skilled in this domain of cyber security and can effectively protect and reduce the risk of being attacked and compromised.

What businesses can do?

As the world goes digital and adopts Internet at a large scale, all enterprises, big and small, has no option but to protect their business at all cost.

Businesses need to consider cyber security as one the core business functions and not just a supporting organization. They need to seriously think for combating cyber security and have a plan in place with support from executive management in terms of resources and funds. Big organizations are hiring cyber security resources in large numbers to build their security practice. Apart from that, investments are also being made for modern state-of-the-art infrastructure and associated process. This involves a big budget, outflow of cash and financial involvement of the highest order.

Many small and medium enterprises do not enjoy this luxury. They are relying more and more on Trusted Allies or partners who can take over the burden of cyber security challenges. They find it prudent to take the help of specialists in this field, rather to own a cyber security practice, which most of the times are not related to their core business. Partnership with cyber security consulting organizations is a preferred way to strengthen their security posture and reduce business risk.

How Trustallys can help!

TrustAllys is a perfect fit for the IT security requirements of enterprises. It offers its specialized cyber security consulting services to many organizations who need a trusted partner in combating cyber crime.

TrustAllys believes in sincerely helping its partners and customers to overcome the menace of cyber attacks and reduce business risks associated with it.

TrustAllys also believes that each customer's business and security requirements are different and 'one shoe fits all' approach do not hold good in the sphere of cyber security. It understands customer's needs and also the importance to align cyber security outcomes to the business goals of its customers. TrustAllys has industry leading consultancy capabilities and end to end security services which can give its customers the peace of mind. In short, TrustAllys takes the full responsibility and ownership to run a cyber security practice on behalf of its customers.

TrustAllys has industry veterans who has decades of experience and in depth knowledge in this area. They have worked in various global organizations, across different geographies and led large teams to accomplish security goals. Apart from its leaders, TrustAllyshas also a team of dedicated and highly skilled resource pool who has experience in dealing with complex security challenges. They are also experts in modern and sophisticated tools & techniques and are capable of ensuring compliance to international security standards.

TrustAllys helps its customers by providing

  • Protection against external threats
  • Defence against internal threats
  • Risk management arising out of cyber threats
  • Threat prevention, detection and response
  • Continuous monitoring and management of IT infrastructure (SOC services)
  • Security Compliance
  • Security awareness to end users
  • Analytics driven dashboards

The Benefits to its customers are manifold.

  • Minimize business downtime
  • Manage Risks
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve profitability
  • Reduce financial loss
  • Gain customers' confidence

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber attacks are one of the significant security threats of our age and cyber security a rising priority for organizations and involve the protection of IT systems as well as data from cyber threats such as espionage, computer-assisted fraud, sabotage or vandalism.

The internet's revolution of both our personal lives as well as the world of commerce has indeed created boundless prospects for hackers with an extensive range of purposes and an even broader array of tools. From click jacking and phishing to ransomware, direct access attacks and denial of service attacks, the threats keep on surfacing and emerging. It is like a game of cat and mouse as the cybercriminals become more urbane and cyber security professionals try to keep up.

While an ever-embryonic cyber threat ecosystem moulds and transforms the functions of cyber security, the very core of cyber security always includes safeguarding information and systems from harmful cyber threats. Especially, in these times of COVID-19 where digitization is generating more and more data, which expose more vulnerabilities, making cyber security management a need of the hour.

Benefits of managing Cyber Security:

  • Protect networks and data from unauthorized access
  • Improved organization credentials with accurate security controls in place
  • Enhanced information security as well as business continuity management
  • Improved stakeholder poise in your information security arrangements
  • Faster recovery times in the event of a breach

As cyber-crime overheads the global financial system hundreds of billions of dollars per annum, TrustAllys is has pointed services to counteract the threat as well as assist you to address cyber security. We have invested profoundly in Information Resilience, boosting our global proficiency and now have a whole range of solutions to support you to manage cyber security threats. From best practice frameworks such as Cyber Risk Management, GDPR consulting Service, Data Privacy Service in London, Website Security Audit, Security Assessment and many more.

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Trustallys's professionals leverage best available tools for various security solutions considering both the technical need and budget. Trustallys focuses on innovation in cyber security space to enable customers with economic solutions along with best possible technology. The technology expert team of Trustallys is continuously innovating new, efficient and automated tools and solutions to take care of cyber security posture of the customers.


Trustallys is head quatered at UK serving customers across UK, Europe and other geographic regions. Trustallys is poised to grow in various demography during next four to six quarters, We have an excellent blend of technology team, senior management team and seasoned delivery management professional who ensures seamless delivery and experience for all our customers across the globe.


In today's world of threat and crime based on Cyber security breaches, Trustallys is committed to leverage its technical expertise to help its Global customers to be protected in cyber space. Trustallys consider that it is a responsibility to protect their direct and indirect customers from any threat and crime related by creating awareness on cyber security.

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